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Hugh Golding

> (DOB 1942) - Hódmezõvásárhely/ Hungary
I am from Newry Northern Ireland, took an early retirement from teaching, moved to Hungary, bought a house here

Kerensa Smithers

> (DOB 1965) - North West Kent/ United Kingdom
Not married, no children (thank god)- enjoying life

Mandy Braine (Davis)

(DOB 1966) - Newbury Berkshire/ United Kingdom
I am trying to find my younger sister Kirstie, she left our home (Basingstoke) in 1984 and I have not seen her since. I want her back in my life.

Lynsey Appleton

> (DOB 1996) - Thornaby on Tees/ United Kingdom

Dean Appleton

> (DOB 1994) - Thornaby on Tees/ United Kingdom


- LONDON & AUSTRALIA/ United Kingdom
Looking for a Frank BATTEN born UK 26.2.1884, the 3rd of 4 children to parents Frederick BATTEN and Jane Eliza nee MICTCHELL. The eldest child was Frederick Bartholomew, then Louisa Mary , then Frank and finally the youngest Harry. I do know that Frederick Bartholomew left the UK for Australia early 1900`s, Louisa stayed in the UK at Gravesend and Harry stayed also and lived in Lewisham. But FRANK BATTEN is the problem. We know he served in the British army during WW1 and then we believe he went out to Australia also, probably to Victoria to begin with. If anyone has any info they think might help please contact me, while I still have some hair! Regards Melanie

Graham Brown

> - Newcastle-upon-Tyne/ United Kingdom
Dear Graham, I have been looking for you for years now. It`s me, Willie Maria Wyndham. I have called up Scottish Rail back in 1998, but they said that they had sold the Newcastle-Scotland line and that you had lost your job. I am sorry I have not told you how I felt about you on our train rides from Newcastle to Carlisle, for I was terribly shy. I am certain we would be much happier now had I done so. There was so much I wanted to tell you, and if we had talked it out, we would have come to a good conclusion of it all. I have not forgotten you and have kept remembering you, but when I tried to find you, it was too late. A lot of things have changed in my life, for one, I have come back to South Africa, and I am at the moment living in Natal. One of the things we should have talked about,well was that I was unhappily married at the time, which wasn`t really a marriage in a conjugal sense of the word, but just on paper. In any case, I am divorced now and have reverted back to my maiden name. It may have caused problems for you to find me, if you have looked. I had a friend of mine, Audrey Strydom, go to England and look for you there, but in case she found you, I had moved from where we were all living to Natal, and I have lost contact with her as well due to the moving and her mother`s rather secretive behavior. I have heard rumors that you were married, but I never had proof positive, and thus I continue to search for you, and I don`t know where on earth are you. In any case much has happened, I am back here in South Africa, I lost all the weight and am model thin now, and I let my color go back to its reddish tone. I am certain that you must be as handsome and blond as ever. Graham I miss you. Forgive me, if we had not spoken about what mattered in reality, and forgive my shyness, but in any case, I have for these past years tried to find you and make it right. Please call me at, country code and phone 0027-76-372-5806, or write to contact I am currently living in 74 Queen Victoria Street St. Martini Garden 217 Block B Cape Town South Africa

Darren Appleton

> (DOB 1980) - Thornaby on Tees/ United Kingdom

Stewart Shawn Appleton

(DOB 1965) - Thornaby on Tees/ United Kingdom

Barry Gamble

> (DOB 1937) - North Island/ New Zealand
Left LNS 1953,first ship Notting Hill. Came to NZ 1967-Australia1 1988 returned to NZ 1996,still working and loving it!.Would welcome contact with any one who remembers me||SCHOOL

Melanie BOOTLE

> (DOB 1960) - Brisbane/ Australia
Born in UK, Lived in New Zealand 1963-1968. Then to Perth West Australia from 1968-1981 and from then till now lived in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and now Brisbane||LOOK

Marcus Chown

> (DOB 1959) - Worcestershire/ United Kingdom
Writer/journalist. Married to Karen Chilver, a palliative care nurse.

Jane Thomas

> (DOB 1962) - Milton Keynes/ United Kingdom
Attended Saltley Grammar School between 1974-79 then Solihull Tech till 1980. I wonder where Janet Chedgzoy, Marie Barter, Andrea Siggins, & Diane Sutton are now? - and Debbie & Heidi from the Med Sec course at the Tech.

Craig Mullins

> (DOB 1970) - London/ United Kingdom
Now 32 and living in London. Working at the BBC||SCHOOL

James Eaves

> (DOB 1977) - Southampton/ United Kingdom
went to Wyborne primary then Crown woods secondary then Southampton Institute.

Stephen Sutton

> (DOB 1951) - Stoke on Trent/ United Kingdom
Born Weaverham (Ches). Went to Forest Street Primary, moved to Derby in 1962. Bemrose 62-64 then Rykneld 64-66 and Derby College of FE 66-68. Moved to Crewe in 1968, married Sue in 75 moved to Middlewich/Winsford (Ches) then Trentham, Stoke in 82 (2 children now married). Now run my own IFA Company.||LOOK

willie Maria Wyndham

(DOB 1968) - Anerley, Port Shepstone Area, Kwazulu-Natal/ South Africa
I am South African, have lived in the U.K., USA, Namibia, etc., having been born originally in eastern Germany, now in Poland, left as a child to the U.K., where I have family, studied in the USA, had been married years ago to an American surnamed Pierce, but divorced. I am looking for Graham Brown, whom I had known up in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne/U.K., with whom I had lost contact as a result of privatization of the Scottish Rail lines which ran from Newcastle to Scotland. He used to work as a conductor with Scottish Rail, but Scottish Rail, now called Scotrail, based in Glasgow would not release any information as to his forwarding address he had left after he moved or any contact address or number for him. Nobody in Newcastle I have contacted knows where he is now. If anybody with information, please contact me. I have been looking for him for years now with no success. I wanted to tell him how I felt about him, and I am certain we would have been married now and all would be well, but I lost contact due to his job loss. Anybody with information please contact me on my contact wmwyndham or call, country code included: 2783-696-4878, or write, W.M. Wyndham, P.O. Box , Umtentweni, Kwazulu-Natal 4235, South Africa.


(DOB 1958) - Yorkshire/ United Kingdom
Akeley Wood Prep School AGS Keble College Oxford

Sarahjane Booth

> (DOB 1976) - Huddersfield/ United Kingdom
I worked in huddersfield hotel about 5 years ago,I started working there as i was doing my nursery nurses training,I worked there for 3 years before moving to Frankie & bennys just up the road, I lived with my parents in linthwaite but soon moved to fartown.||SCHOOL

Tracy Quainton ( Frantczak)

(DOB 1968) - selby/ United Kingdom
ive lived in germany and cyprus now im back here

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